Culture Ramp welcomes contributions relevant to the subject matter outlined in our mission statement. For proper consideration, use these guidelines:

  • Before you send a query, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the site. Our About Page is a good place to start, but we’d also recommend reading a few of our recent articles to see how that mission statement plays out in practice.
  • Start with a query pitching the general idea you want to explore, as well as any additional information that might help us evaluate the suitability of your pitch. Do not submit drafts or full articles unless requested by the editor. We will not consider previously published material.
  • Include any relevant information about yourself. We don’t need a full biography, but we’re more likely to work with you if we have a sense that there’s a person behind the byline. If you’ve written elsewhere, let us know where so we can get a sense of your strengths as a writer. If you have a professional or personal tie that might help you approach your article from an advantageous or novel angle, explain that as well.
  • With very few exceptions, Culture Ramp does not publish reviews. Criticism is welcome, but should focus on how the work contributes to culture at large, rather than its inherent merit or quality. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be enthusiastic about what you’re writing, but never sacrifice or bury a challenging insight for the sake of a superlative.
  • Other things we generally do not publish: fiction, poetry, lists, gossip, news sans analysis, picture galleries or slideshows.
  • Things we’re eager to publish: original, in-depth reportage; grounded analysis; interviews of people doing notable things in one of the fields we cover. There are very few articles that could not be improved by picking up the phone and soliciting information or opinion from a credible source in the field.
  • We regret that we cannot presently pay for submissions to the site. Until we’re capable of doing so, compensation will be limited to resume-building exposure, a link back to your other work if applicable, a firm place on our radar as we grow, and the envy and adulation of an audience of thousands.
  • Publication on Culture Ramp generally does involve some editorial back-and-forth. We might ask you to revise part of your draft. Maybe that’s presumptuous, but it generally does result in better articles. Please be prepared to work with us.
  • Culture Ramp is covered in a very general way under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). Because we currently do not pay for contributions to the site, we consider those your intellectual property to do with as you like. All we ask is that you do not republish them anywhere else on the Web before its appearance on our site or for a period of 30 days thereafter.

Once you’ve reviewed the above guidelines, you can send your query to